Houses for Sale in Cornwall

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There are no properties available at present.

Please check back soon for details of our Phase 3, Semi-Detached properties at Gweal Pawl.
'Sun Room of 4-Bedroom Home' 'From Breakfast Bar to Garden' 'South Views of 4-Bedroom Houses' 'Living Room through to Sun Room, 4-bedroom' fairglen 9 'Garden of 3-Bedroom House' 'South Views of 3-Bedroom House' 'South Views of 4-Bedroom Houses' 'The Crowns' Tin Mines at Bottallick 'Garden of 3-Bedroom House'

2011 Outlook - Cornish Homes for Sale

As we approach the end of the year 2010, we can look back and see that it has proved to be very much a ‘mixed’ year in sales. Stamp duty changes affected the market with the £175,000 threshold helping sales earlier, although the reversion to £125,000 has seen some house prices decline throughout the latter part of the year. There has been a general increase in the number of properties available for sale from August to October, which has led to pressure and competition in pricing.

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